Care & Repair


Your Bernarda jewellery is designed to be worn often and to last long enough for you to treasure your whole life or even Pass It On. To keep enjoying your jewellery for as long as possible we recommend the following tips:


  • When not being worn keep your jewellery safe in it's box or your own jewellery box
  • Avoid wearing your jewellery whilst swimming in pools as the chemicals can damage the gold over time. Also try to not wear your jewellery whilst swimming in the sea, you could lose it this way too
  • Try not to apply perfumes or lotions whilst wearing your jewellery, the chemicals could damage the gold over time. We recommend putting on your jewellery after all your cosmetics have been applied and settled


As the gold used for jewellery making is an alloy this means it is mixed with small quantities of other metals to make it stronger for wear. Because of this gold can sometimes tarnish. We recommend the following steps for gold cleaning:

  • Wash your tokens in warm soapy water, a few drops of washing up liquid will do the trick just fine. Rub gently with your hands and either air dry or dry gently with a very soft cloth
  • If your jewellery contains any gemstones they can also be cleaned in warm soapy water the same way as the gold
  • As any engraving is a recessed part of the metal is it prone to collecting dirt inside it and with time this may darken the appearance of the engraving. Cleaning in warm water will remove some of the dirt
  • If you wish for a more intense cleaning on your tokens please contact us, we can carry out a full restoration or deep cleaning for a fee. 


We want you to enjoy your jewellery for a very long time and we want your engraving to last too, it's an integral part of your token making it unique to your story. For this reason we have high quality control standards and we craft each piece in a way that is sturdy and robust.

If your jewellery breaks or requires other types of repair we will be happy to assist, please contact our team.